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One of the best ways to make a lasting impact on your target audience is through great graphic design. With the perfect combination of words, shapes, and colours, you can define exactly what your brand is. You shouldn’t choose just any graphic designer—you should stick to the experts! Our creative designers at AFS Dynamics Canada, Inc. work hard to deliver stunning designs all the time.

start a project

The process starts when you submit a design request in our Project Management System. A Project Manager will work on your request as soon as it is sent.

we design it!

We choose from our talented pool of designers and assign your project to them. We make sure they understand your specifications to give you exactly what you need.

design review

Your project will usually be ready for review in one or two days. Just give us your feedback and we’ll revise it until you are satisfied.

all done!

And with that, you finally get the design you want. We’ll provide it to you in any format, including source files. We even do printing on request!

why choose us?

We take pride in giving clients exactly what they need. Our team is composed of professional designers and creative people who offer years of experience with all types of clients and a drive to bring plans to life. With our meticulous hiring process, you can rest assured that you work with the best.


We waste no time in assessing your project request and providing results.

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A dynamic project management system makes starting and tracking projects easy.

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Our customer support team lets you make inquiries and get responses quickly.

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Quality Designs in a Day

Our team of designers guarantees quick results within 24 hours depending on your project specifications. Of course, we will take time to finish a job when you request several projects. But that just means we offer the same quality of work while your designer and project manager handles each task in order of importance. You also have the option to get multiple designers to get your projects done quickly!

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For Every Brand or Business

We cater to clients of all types and sizes. Whether you are a start-up, a large enterprise, or a design and marketing agency servicing clients, you can expect a high level of detail and finesse for every project. Work with one of our project managers and designers to get the awesome design you want.


Our team of graphic designers can help you boost your marketing reach with the help of trendy, well-designed promotional material. From greeting cards to brochures, we create designs that put your brand right in your potential clientele’s offices and homes. Check out our selection and get yours!

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clients we’ve helped

  • LaGuel
  • MN PhysioTherapy
  • Safelink
  • Mondolifestyle
  • Billerfy
  • Bo's Painting & Contracting
  • Covered4Life
  • BXSI